After Sandy passed away back in December, 2016, we felt a great void around the house.  Looking around the pet section of Craigslist I found this ad:

Little Chico was born in Mexico and all his papers were signed by a Vet in Tijuana.  Somehow he was picked up and shipped to a rescue center in California (he was painted yellow when he arrived!).  From there he was transferred to a rescue center in Tacoma where he was eventually adopted by a young Navy couple.  When they picked him up, they were told his name was "Milky" (because of his white color), but they renamed him to "Boats" (Navy, right?).  He proved to be a little difficult for them so they ran the Craigslist ad and I was the first one to call.  We drove down the next day and when we entered the house, "Boats" immediately retreated to the bedroom.  Eventually his owners coaxed him out and we became acquainted.  Although skittish, he seemed healthy so we arranged to bring him home and later renamed him, yet again, to Chico.

There were some difficult times at first, but Chico eventually settled down and became a wonderful companion.  He definitely favors Teddie, but I'm still his buddy when she's gone or in the bathroom.  He's smart, energetic, playful, and affectionate.


Chico (on the right) with the late Gigi.  They got along well.