Born September 9, 2006 - Brought home January 9, 2007

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IMG_1365.jpg Her name is Gigi.  My suggestions (Gizmo, Snafu,
Aileron, Tiger, Wolf, Killer and a few others,
were passed over)

Right now she weighs 4 lbs, 14 oz.
5/3/07 UPDATE - Gigi is now up to 7 lbs!!

Click here to see a video of Gigi and Sandy
playing around.

8/10/09 UPDATE
Little GG is now up to about 8 lbs, 7 oz, and is finally, FINALLY, housebroken!!  We've never had a dog that took 2 years to house train, but that's what GG did!  There were a few times that I thought we'd have to get rid of her, but now I'm glad we didn't.  She has turned into a sweet, loving little pet that is fun to have around.  And, she makes a really good play-pal for Sandy!

Little Gigi is gone.
 She had been declining for several months, suffering from Cushing's disease.  Despite failing health, we held to the hope that she would be with us at least a couple more years, but on 9/2/19 she was in such a bad state that it became obvious that the time had come.  We took her to the Vet's in Poulsbo (being Labor Day, all the local clinics were closed) and said our final good-byes.  She was a good dog with a sweet personality and never nipped anyone. She had many happy days playing with the neighbors in her younger days, and she slept in my bed every night. Losing her less than three years after losing Sandy has been difficult for us.  The picture below shows her and Chico, and was taken about a month and a half before her death.