We found this little girl on Craigslist on 6/2/22.  She was listed as a "Chi-chon" (Chihuahua/Bichon mix) and weighed around 4 1/2 pounds. We drove to Bremerton, met the owner, and returned with the puppy.  At this point we have had her for about two weeks and she is very cute, but is also a handfull.  Potty training is a challenge, but we've been down this road before and are committed to the long haul.  Because of her loving nature, and her desire to be with us all the time, I believe she will make a wonderful little pet and a great companion for Chico.  Today she goes to the Vet for her initial checkup and shots.

7/3/22 Update:  Ginger cotinues to challenge us with the potty training, but also continues to amuse us with her antics.  She and Chico get along well, although I sometimes worry about Chico being too rough with her.  The initial Vet visit went fine and we return for her 2nd visit/shots on Thursday, 7/7.

8/6/22 Another Update: We're STILL working on housetraining, but realize we may have a long road ahead of us. Fortunately, Ginger continues to be a sweet little puppy, so we're hanging in there.  Yesterday she had her 3rd Vet appointment, so now she's all caught up on her shots.  She is scheduled to be spayed next month and I'm not looking forward to bringing her in for that, although I realize it's necessary.  BTW, she now weighs 6.9 lbs.

CLICK HERE for a brief video of Ginger and Chico playing.