Here are just a few images from a hike today (11/29/98) to the Makapuu lighthouse. We parked at the trailhead, but then walked up the hill to the parking lot overlooking Rabbit Island. From there we climbed up over the rocks, around the point, and down to the lighthouse area. The weather was great, but it was a little windy (gusts to 35mph, according to my wind meter).

On the left is Makapuu beach (famous for its dangerous boogy-boarding). Just beyond it is Sea Life Park and, in the background, is Waimanalo Beach. If you look at the upper-center very closely, you can make out a hint of Olomano.

Our fearless group! They are (L-R) Issac, Betsy, Bob, Cathy, and Dennis

The view of the lighthouse as seen from the lookout. As Sierra Club leaders we bring groups up to this lookout several times a year. One of the most popular outings is the Moonlight Walk, made just at sunset. This is the only hike we have where I give a little 25 minute speech about the lighthouse and the history of the point. I always have to study my facts beforehand!

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