Olomana - September 21, 2003

(L-R) Cathy, Dennis, Teddie, Anita, and Ron prepare for the ascent up Mt. Olomana.  At this point everyone is clean, dry, and comfortable.

This is the view from the first peak - the end of our climb. On the way up it rained and everything became very slippery and muddy.  Teddie and Anita called it quits about 4/5ths of the way to the top, and Cathy stopped just before the final rock-climb to the summit. Dennis, Ron, and I made it to the top, but we were all pretty pooped by the time we got there.  And now we have to climb back down!!

Bottoms Up!!  Everyone spent a fair amount of time sliding down the trail on their butt!  By now we were all tired, hot, sweaty, and muddy.  Despite this, I think everyone had a good time!!

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Last modified September 24, 2003