Here's an image of Pepper, the poodle with an attitude.

2/8/93 - 12/19/06
After suffering deteriorating health the past year or two, Pepper apparently succumbed to sudden heart failure.  Despite her sometimes testy disposition, she remained loving and frisky right up to the end.  She will be missed.

Little Pepper was born in February 8, 1993, and is ALL DOG. You'd think a little girl poodle would be nothing but frills and squeaks but not this one! I found that out the day I saw a rat tail hanging from her mouth. When I pried her jaws open and pulled on the tail, out came a dead rat that had been halfway down her throat (ugh!) During the 'early years' I wasn't sure if this bundle of mischief was going to work out but she eventually turned into a very smart and loving pet. And, she makes a great little watchdog!

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