News Flash:  In August, 2004, Rufus was adopted by a woman in Kaneohe who raises parrots!!  After having him in the back yard for 22 years, it seems very strange for him to not be with us anymore.  But I know he (she?) will be well taken care of and much happier remaining here in Hawaii than he/she would have been in the cold winters of Washington state. 


Rufus is a Blue & Gold Macaw

He's been with me since around 1982. Macaws come from South America (around Venezuela) and can live to be over 50 years old. Although he is "tame", I am the only one he feels comfortable with (because I'm the one who feeds him) and he could easily snip a finger off an intruder.

In spite of their large size, these stunning members of the parrot family can become very tame if you obtain them as youngsters. Ranging from Central America southward to Bolivia and Paraguay, individuals may show a natural variation in size, depending on their origins. Housing these lively macaws in the home can prove difficult, unless you acquire a purpose-built flight cage, which gives them ample room.

Length: 82.5cm (33 in.)
Average lifespan: 50 years
Sexing: Scientific sexing required; hens may have narrower heads.
Breeding Details: Incubation lasts 28 days; fledging occurs 90 days later.
Young Birds: Similar to adults but irises are dark instead of light.

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