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Sandy was born on Christmas Eve of 1999, one of two females from a litter of five, and was named after the breeder I purchased her from.  Her color is called "Apricot", and she should eventually reach about 14 pounds.  It's hard to not like a poodle puppy;  they're very smart and curious, and their antics can entertain for hours.   Pepper is still undergoing the adjustments involved in no longer being "an only child", but she should do fine.  Right now there is no doubt that Pepper is the "Alpha female", but only time will tell who will come out on top in the long run. 

Sandy gets a bath

Sandy's first bath!   She had some fleas, but that soon changed.

Dinner in the computer room!

Clean and fluffy, Sandy enjoys a light dinner at Chez Dell (my computer desk).  Although the food is excellent, the service leaves something to be desired.

Time to go hiking

Small enough to ride in a fanny pack, we prepare to take a walk around the neighborhood.  At the rate puppies grow, she won't be riding like this for much longer!


Here's a recent picture of Sandy in her cowgirl costume!  Getting ready for Halloween, 2003!

Our Sandy is gone.  Her health had been deteriorating for some time now and finally reached a point where the most difficult decision of a pet owner's life had to be made.  We took her to the Vet's and they provided her with a peaceful departure.  Still, she was the best dog we ever had and it still chokes me up thinking about it.  RIP, Sandy - we miss you terribly!


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