Here are the latest toys:

Garmin nüvi 3750.  Can a person have too many GPS's?  I seem to be living proof that that cannot happen.  The 3750 is one of Garmin's new slim series.  It has a bright display, capacitive touch-screen, and automatically changes from landscape to portrait view.

Garmin Oregon 400t GPS.  Although the touch-screen has come under fire for being too dim in sunlight, this should be a very useful Geocaching GPS for us.  Using the GPS, you can read the descriptions, logs, and hints right on the screen.  And, you can log your finds and then just uploaded the found file to the website!  (More touch screen stuff!!)
Note: Although I still use this from time to time, I now find that using my iPhone works just about as well.  Plus, I can read the hints and logs, and I can log my finds all on the phone.

1993 Honda Goldwing GL1500.  I'm just now getting around to putting this on my Toy Page although I bought it back around 2006.  After buying this I sold the 1991 CBR1000R that I brought from Hawaii.  This is BIG and it is HEAVY, but it sure is comfortable on the highway!!
Note: Little Red is gone!  I sold it about 10 days after buying a '02 Wing (see below)!

Kodak PlaySport digital camcorder.  This is Kodak's latest, and features HD quality (up to 1080) in a waterproof case. Here is a link to their web site.
Note: This quit working a while back. No matter - my phone takes better videos anyway.

BMW 328d   As of this writing, I've only had this car for a week, but it looks like it should work out well.  It's a 2014 model with diesel engine and is rated 32/45 mpg.  I really liked the features of the 2011 328i, but this one has all those features plus some.
10/12/16 Note: Still have the 328d and am very happy with it.
12/17/22 The 328d is long gone. I sold it back in 2020 when I bought my first Tesla M3. The BMW was a great car, but it was time to try an EV.

Because I was having difficulty hearing the ringer on the i760, I did a little research and found that the Samsung Convoy was highly rated as being loud, simple, and durable!  I purchased a used Convoy (far left) on ebay for $8 and it seemed to work out nicely.  But because I was eligible for a free upgrade, I used it to get the Convoy 2 (near left); an updated version of the popular Convoy.  Seems I've gone full-circle now, having moved from a simple phone to a series of smartphones, and then back to a simple phone. Although I really liked the smartphone's capabilities, the $30/month data charge was just too much.  But yes, it's true - I AM a cell phone junkie.....
Note: I'm back on a smartphone again

Panasonic Lumix ZS10 digital camera.  This one has all the shooting modes, plus built-in GPS for geotagging.  Instructions are very complicated, but it should take great pictures!
12/17/22 Note: I haven't used this in a long time, as my phone seems to take great pictures.

Apple iPad 2.  The search for the perfect tablet continues!  Although I liked the Android concept in the Xoom, Apple has, admittedly, an edge on user interface and available apps.  Once you get past the headaches of iTunes, this is a great little viewer.
Note: Soon to be ebay'ed!!  3rd gen iPad on the way.
Note 2: iPad 3 is now on ebay and iPad Air 2 is on my desk!

GoPro Hero2 sports camera/camcorder. Too bad these were not available during my skydiving, SCUBA, dirt bike days!  They are small, rugged, and waterproof to almost 200'.  They can capture a WIDE angle (170 degrees), and they record on an SD card.  Should find lots of fun uses for this!
Note: Upgraded to Hero 3, which is now pretty outdated.  New Hero on the way? Not yet.
12/17/22 Now up to a GoPro 8.

Honda 750A Hondamatic.  I purchased this new in 1978 and have had it ever since.  It spent 25 years stored in my in-law's garage and I retrieved it when we moved back to the mainland.  It took a while to get it up and running again, but now it works and I hope to pass it on to Max one day (much to his grandmother's chagrin).

Parrot AR.Drone.  This little wonder sports two small video cameras, sonic ground-sensing, and four motors.  It is controlled via wifi using an ipod, ipad, or Android phone (see Samsung Fascinate above).  Although it IS just a toy, it's about as high-tech as it gets. Having trouble controlling it?  Not to worry - just let go of everything and it will automatically go into stationary hover mode.  Very cool.
Note: Still have this one, but am now using DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.  See note further down.

Apple iPhone 4S  Yes, I'm back with a Smartphone again! Although I'm not really an Applehead, I really like this little phone!

9/12 Note: I upgraded to the iPhone 5 and then sold the 4S. I'm more of an Applehead every day!!

4/13 Note: Gone! See Motorola below.....
12/17/22 Note: Several phones later, I am now on an iPhone 14.

2008 Can-Am Spyder.  I bought one on ebay recently.  As of this writing, I'm still trying to get comfortable with it.  Three-wheelers are a different animal, but it looks like this will be fun.  Dropping my Goldwing a while back convinced me that it's time for a 3-wheeler.

10/12/12 Note: The Can-Am is gone - already!  The adjustment was just too much, so on Monday I drove it to the Harley Dealer's and traded it in on a Harley.

2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail FLSTC.
After years of poking fun at Harleys, I now have one.  It's big and heavy, but has lots of chrome and putts along at a leisurely pace.  Quite a bit different than the old Goldwing, but a heck of a lot of fun in its own way.
Note: I still have the 'Wing for highway trips.
12/17/22 Note: This Harley is gone. Traded it for the 2015 Road King which I still have.

Motorola Razr m Android phone.  Although I really liked the iPhone5, it was an expensive little phone and I was always worried about breaking it. So, I sold it on ebay (for over twice what I paid for it) and bought this Razr on ebay. I'm very happy with this, but my contract is just about up and I'm eligible for an upgrade.  Stand by...

Note: Gone!  Great phone, but I kind of longed for the iPhone, so I traded my upgrade for one.  Scroll up to see the 4S again.

Note 2: I'm back with the Moto again! Can't make up my mind!

Note 3: I used my latest upgrade to get an HTC One M8, but that proved to be too big for me so I'm back with the Moto yet again and the HTC is for sale on ebay.

Note4: Went back to the iphone 4S for a while and then used my upgrade to get a 5S.

Note 5: Sold the 5S to a friend and now have a iPhone SE (same case, but better innards)

Note 6: The SE is gone.  See the 6s picture below.

Note 7: 12/17/22 Now on an iPhone 14

Nikon Coolpix S9700 This camera has all kinds of functions, including wifi and gps. I'm not crazy about the flip-up flash, but the rest of the camera excels in almost everything.

2002 Honda GL1800 Goldwing
The '93 Goldwing I bought about 10 years ago (see picture above) served me well for a long time, but I decided to upgrade to the newer series. Although this bike is 13 years old, it's in great shape and runs strong.
Note: See below.....

2014 Honda GL1800 Goldwing. A friend and I were at the Harley Dealer's a while back and they had this used bike for sale.  I tried to get him to buy it, but he balked and said if I bought it, he would buy my '02, so that's what we did.  I don't think this one is nearly as nice looking as the '02, but it runs well and has fewer miles.  I sometimes wonder if I made the right move.
Note: I wound up buying a 2018 Gold Wing down in Oregon and sold this one to a fellow on Marrowstone Island.

1998 Honda Valkyrie.  This is a used bike I bought at the end of 2015.  I always admired the Valkyrie; big, heavy, and lots of chrome. This has been a fun bike to polish and play with, although I usually take the Wing or Harley if I'm riding anywere out of town.  (BTW, this is bike #4 in "Mike's Bike Barn".  Still have room for one more.....?)

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.  Drones are appearing everywhere and this is a very popular model.  The capabilities of this little copter are amazing and the camera image quality is fantastic.  I even went so far as to get an FAA drone rating on my pilot's license.  Now I'm looking at the DJI Mavic........
12/17/22 Note: Haven't flown this one in a while.  Now flying a DJI Mavic and a DJI Spark.


2015 Harley-Davidson FLHR
I wanted to step up to a touring frame, so I traded the Heritage for this one.  I've since removed the spoked wheels and whitewall tires, in favor of cast wheels and blackwalls, but the bike basically remains the same otherwise.  A very smooth ride, and lots of fun!

GoPro Session 5
This tiny camera is capable of taking 4K video, along with time-lapse and still photos.  It has wi-fi to communicate with a smartphone, and an internal battery to keep everything running.  Bonus - it's waterproof to 30'.

iPhone 6s
I bought an unlocked phone and activated it on the TracFone system. Service only costs $25 for two months, and leftover minutes/data carry over to the next cycle.  So far, very pleased with the phone and the service.  But being a cell phone junkie, there's no telling what tomorrow will bring.....
12/17/22 Note: Long gone.  Now using an iPhone 14

2018 Ram pickup
It's time to let go of the 2005 Ford that I bought when we first moved to Washington.  This should be the last pickup I ever buy.

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