Some 2001 hikes
I'm trying to get my pages caught up, so rather than building a bunch of separate hike pages, this one will fill in the gaps for 2001.

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03/11/01 Another trip up Olomana
03/11/01 The trail up Olomana can be very scenic.
04/15/01 Sierra Club project on Kalaupapa, Molokai. This is really a special place!
04/15/01 The boat landing on the west side of the peninsula at Kalaupapa.
04/15/03 Kalaupapa.  This tree grew all around a grave site.
C04/15/01 And this one grew right up out of it!
04/21/03 A secondary falls way back in Manoa Valley.
04/21/01 Another scene around the Manoa falls.
05/27/01 The top of the Haiku stairs!  You really have to work to get to this point!
06/03/01 The trail on Waahili Ridge. We used to camp up here sometimes.
07/04/01 On the hike from the Judd Trail to Manoa Falls.
07/04/01 Manoa Falls.  This place is quite popular.
09/02/01 Teddie and Sharon show off their camos at Hakalau on the Big Island.
09/03/03 The cabin at Hakalau. Nights are nice and cool up here.
11/17/01 Waimanalo Beach as seen from the ridge above. The FAA has antennas up here.
12/09/03 Looking across Kawainui Swamp in Kailua. 

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