Pictures of hikes around Oahu and other places


  Today was so pleasant that I went bike riding and took a few snapshots of the surrounding area. Click here to see some images from around Kailua Beach and Lanikai.


  I led one of our Sierra Club hikes up Koko Crater this morning. Although it was very windy, everyone seemed to have a good time. Click here to view a few pictures of the expedition.

July '98

  A friend and I climb Mt. Olomana in Kailua

August '98

  Time to take the sailboat out and venture across the Molokai Channel. Here's a description of the trip.

10/18/98 and 10/24/98

  Some friends and I climbed the Haiku ladder. Sorry these pictures are kind of fuzzy, but you might enjoy them anyway. 


  I grabbed my bicycle and headed out for the morning. This ride took me up the old Pali Highway and back down through the Kawainui Swamp. Click here to check it out.


  Today it was a hike up the hillside behind Lanakai. After sitting around all day yesterday, it felt good to get out and do some walking/climbing today. Here's a not-so-good picture from the top.


  Today was time for one of my leisurely favorites - Makapuu Lighthouse! I can't imagine how many times I've hiked up here, and enjoyed each and every one of them. It's an easy hike (1 1/2 hours round-trip), but the views are great! Soon the whales will be returning and this will become an extremely popular area


  This morning it was up Hawaii Loa ridge with friends. This is us at the top!


  Today I hiked to Likeke falls with some Sierra Club folks. Here are some pictures taken along the way (warning - almost 1mb)
    This was a busy weekend. Between hiking, sailing, and fishing, we were on the go all the time. Here are a few snapshots.


  We spent three days on the island of Molokai performing Sierra Club service project work. Although the Web page is very large (be forewarned), there are plenty of pictures of the gang. Check it out.


  This morning it was back to Makapuu again. We led a hike up over the top and down to the lighthouse, and then down the side to the tidepools. Heres a shot of the gang enjoying a cool swim! Oh yeah, we saw a school of about 30 spinner dolphins and a few breeching whales! Great weather, good friends, perfect day!


  This weekend eleven of us headed for the Manuku Forest Preserve on the Big Island for a Sierra Club project. Here are a bunch of very small pictures of that weekend. (Note - 650K)


  Not being one to sit still for long, I headed over to Kauai with friends this last weekend and we spent the days hiking in the Kokee area. It was a great time for hiking, sightseeing, and just plain hanging out with some terrific people. Here's a sheet with all my photos (Warning - almost 600K). If you see one that you'd like to look at in full size, email me the name of it and I'll send it to you.


  Due to an upcoming hike, a couple of friends (Bob and Arlene) and I decided to go and scout it out. The trail is in Manoa Valley and was wet, slippery, and muddy as can be. But the scenery was great, and Bob and Arlene are always very pleasant to hike with. Here are a few snapshots! (330K)


  Another beautiful summer day in Kailua! Back on the bicycle, and off to Lanikai! Here are some small shapshots taken today (67K)


  A long weekend at Hakalau on the big island.  Here are a bunch of pictures!


  Being bored, I donned my boots and headed for the mountains alone today. My walk took me back to the old Pali Road and down the trail to the Likeke Cascade.  Here are a few small shapshots.



Snapshots from recent hikes

10/13/99 Hikers resting at Waimano Pool
11/21/99 Maunawili Falls 12/19/99 Pepper overlooking Lanikai
12/27/99 Dillingham Airfield and North Shore 12/29.99 Back up the Haiku stairway again
January 2000   Did lots of little hikes this month (Makapuu again, Lanikai hillside again, and others.  But I've already put pictures of those hikes on the site, so I won't add to them now.  On February 19th a group of us (Sierra Club) head for Molokai for a few days to help out with a Nene (Hawaiian goose) breeding facility.  Stand by for pictures......

February 2000

  So far (as of the 11th) it's been a quiet month.  Hiked to the Likeke Cascade, and then back up the old Pali Highway, with Dennis and Cathy (picture to follow soon) and that was pleasant.  Bought a new dog (see note further down on this page), and did some work around the house.  Next week is the trip to Molokai and that will be fun.


  This weekend was spent on Molokai doing volunteer work with the Sierra Club.  We stayed on the beach near Kaunakakai and worked in a facility that specializes in saving Nene and other Hawaiian waterfowl.  Here are snapshots of the weekend (WARNING - page is almost 2Mb and will take a long time to view - probably 10 minutes or more)


  Back up Koko Crater again!  We started out with 21 hikers, but only 11 made it to the top!   Although typically hot and dry, it was a great hike!  Here are some snapshots.


  Well, I did a bunch of stuff during this time, but just never got around to putting anuthing up on the page!


  This morning I met Ron, Linda, Dennis, and Cathy at Waikele.   Dennis and I left our cars there and Linda drove all of us up the Waianae coast and up the hill to the satellite tracking station where she dropped us off.  We hiked along the Kuaokala Trail and eventually joined the Kealia Trail and picked our way down to Dillingham Airfield.  Linda was there waiting to take us back to our cars.  Here's a picture of the gang getting ready, and here's one of the area during the hike.


  While standing in the back yard this morning, I started looking at the hillside behind my house. Although I've been partway up it, I've never really explored it in the 20 years I've been here.  Soooooo, back on with the hiking boots and up the hill!  I started over by the H-3 freeway, climbed to the top, and then picked my way along the ridge all the way to Kalaheo H.S. before coming back down and walking the street back to the house.  Here's a panorama shot taken from above the High School (550K).


  This evening 39 of us hiked to the top of Lanikai Hillside to watch the moon rise.  Sorry, no pictures!


  Dennis and Cathy and I climbed the 1st peak of Olomana today!  It was a beautiful day and the hike went well, although I was still a bit sore from the hike the night before.  Here are a couple of pictures from the top:  the view towards Kaneohe, and looking down at the 2nd and 3rd peaks of Olomana. The reason the picture looks hazy is that we were in the base of the clouds.


  Billy (our youngest son) was married on June 24th and he and Lauren came to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  Here are some snapshots of their visit.   One day I hope to put some of the wedding pictures up on the Internet, but I'm running out of web space right now.


  It was a beautiful day today so Dennis and I decided to tackle the Lanipo hike.  We climbed for about two and a half hours and then I evaluated our water supply (and diminishing energy) and decided to turn back.   It was tough, as we were only about an hour from the summit, but sometime it's best to turn around and try it again another day.  Heres a panorama picture taken about halfway to the summit (460K).

7/27 - 8/1/00

  Went to the fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin!  What a great event!  This was the 4th time I've been there, and every time has been exciting.  Although I took about 170 pictures, they probably wouldn't be of interest to anyone but myself. Perhaps I'll post a few anyway (soon).


  Paragliding over Kahana Bay!  I've wanted to do this for a long time and finally got the chance.  Drop by the paragliding page and view a few snapshots I took while flying around.


  This weekend included a sailing trip around the outside loop of Kaneohe Bay (during which the engine refused to start and we had to sail all the way to the dock), and a Sierra Club hike from the Pali Lookout all the way down to the Maunawili subdivision (via the Falls).  I forgot to bring the camera, though, so there are no pix.


  Went to New Jersey and Italy for most of the month!  Stand by for the whole story! (Note - find the Italy trip here)


  Cathy, Dennis, and I went up the Nuuanu Judd trail today.  In all the time I've lived here, somehow I've overlooked this lovely trail up until now!  Here's a picture from on the trail.  Here's another.


  I didn't go into hiding these past few months - I just got busy and haven't been updating my page as I should have been.   Plus, I spent the entire month of January in Computer School in Oklahoma City (brrrr). There have been several hikes since my last writing, but no pictures.  We have a couple of service projects coming up this year, so you can look for pictures of them later on.  Also, we hope to make it to New Zealand for a week or so before the end of '01. (Note - go here to see our vacation pictures)
Late 2001   Click here to see a summary of some of the hikes that were done in late 2001
2002   Click here to see a summary of some of the hikes that were done from during 2002
Early 2003  

Click here to see a summary of some of the hikes that were done from January to September of 2003

9/21/03   Today Teddie and I  hiked up Olomana with a few friends - Cathy, Dennis, Anita, and Ron.  What started out as a comfortable hike soon turned into a humid death march!  There was **NO** wind and the temperature was in the high 80's.  Halfway up it rained on us for about 15 minutes and that made the trail slippery and treacherous.  I've been up this trail many times, but this was the most difficult trip I've made!  Here are a couple of snapshots of the gang and the view from the top.
10/14 -10/16/03   Another Sierra Club Service Project!!  During these three days 10 of us stayed on the island of Kaho'olawe and helped to clear non-native vegetation.  Although the island could be hot and windy, and the sun relentless, everyone had a good time.  This is probably the ONLY opportunity I will ever have to visit Kaho'olawe and it's one I'm glad I didn't miss.  Here is a sampling of the pictures I took.
11/16/03   Dennis and I hiked to Kaau Crater today.  It was a pretty rough hike - especially climbing down from the waterfall in the pouring rain. But I've always wanted to make it to the crater, so now I can cross that one off my list.
11/23/03   It was back to Lanikai Hillside AGAIN today!  For this one I co-lead a Sierra Club hike and the weather was perfect - decent breeze, a bit of sky cover, no rain.  While we were there I introduced the group to geocaching.

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