Some 2002 hikes
I'm trying to get my pages caught up, so rather than building a bunch of separate hike pages, this one will fill in the gaps for 2002.

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05/25/02 From atop Lanikai hillside.
08/17/02 Tony the travel bug. Track Tony's movements by clicking here!
10/12/02 Near Pele's Chair, around from Makapuu Beach and up from Sandy Beach.
11/04/02 Climbing Olomana in Kailua for the zillionith time.
11/04/02 Spectacular view of 2nd and 3rd peaks. The 3rd peak can be quite dangerous to climb.
11/09/02 Old bridge along the Moanalua Valley trail.
11/09/02 Stream bed along the Moanalua Valley trail.
11/16/02 Kapiolani Park and Waikiki as seen from the top of Diamond Head.
11/16/02 Tom, Adriane, Norma, and Teddie fight the wind at the Pali Lookout.
11/23/02 The hills behind our house. We were looking for a geocache that turned out to be gone.
11/23/02 Kaneohe Bay and the Yacht Club, as seen from the hilltop.
12/01/02 Dry stream bed back in Maunawili.
12/01/02 Large tree in Maunawili forest.

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