Some 2003 hikes
I'm trying to get my pages caught up, so rather than building a bunch of separate hike pages, this one will fill in the gaps for 2003.

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1/5/03 The Nuuanu Trail. We took this trail from Nuuanu Valley all the way over to Manoa Valley.
1/5/03 Looking down into Nuuanu Valley from the clearing at the top of the Pahoa Flats Trail.
02/08/03 Geocaching on the ridge above the Pali Lookout. This turned out to be a very risky hike.
02/08/03 Another view from high above the Pali Lookout. We were fortunate it didn't decide to rain that day.
02/09/03 On the Likeke trail. This must be the prettiest chicken I've ever come across!
02/09/03 Likeke Cascade.  We were here looking for another geocache.  I've probably been here 25 times over the years.
02/17/03 Dennis and I decided to hike Lanipo today. This view is looking down into the valley.
03/02/03 Darlene and Jeff hiked Moanaloa Valley with me this morning.  They seemed to be having a great time.
03/09/03 Rabbit Island, as seen from the hills above the Makapuu Beach Lookout.
03/09/03 Makapuu Beach and Sea Life Park, as seen from high up the hill above the lookout.
03/12/03 Kailua Bay, as seen from the hills above Lanikai.
03/12/03 The "Mokes", as seen from atop the bunker on the hillside behind Lanikai.
03/29/03 Looking down into Manoa Valley from atop a hill on the east side of the valley.
05/17/03 Moanaloa Valley. We were trying to reach the summit, but turned back near the top (ran out of time).
05/17/04 Moanaloa Valley. Dennis and Cathy take a break before we turn back. I placed the ribbon to show how far we made it.
05/23/03 Dennis, Ron, Mel, and Bill hiking the ridge on the west side of Moanaloa Valley.  We did two hikes this day!!
05/23/03 Some gnarly trees on the ridge above Moanaloa Valley.
05/26/03 Teddie takes a break as we search for a cache near Friendship Park in Kaneohe.  Very nice place.
05/26/03 Kaneohe Bay, as seen from above Friendship Park.  We had yet to reach "The Gorge of Death". Tough climb!
08/10/03 Back to the Likeke Cascade yet again!
08/23/03 Ron takes a break at Manoa Falls.
8/23/03 A family poses for a (frigid) picture at Manoa Falls.
09/07/03 Teddie hunts for a geocache back in Nuuanu Valley.
09/07/03 A bamboo forest on the way to a cache in Nuuanu Valley.
09/14/03 The great view from atop Mariner's Ridge. That's Waimanalo down below.
09/14/03 Another view from Mariner's Ridge. In the distance you can see Bellows AFB.

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