Kaho'olawe - October 2003

On October 14th, ten Sierra Club Hike Leaders from the Oahu Group went to Kaho'olawe to aid in the elimination of noxious non-native vegetation.  Getting there meant flying a Hawaiian Airlines jet to Maui, and then a helicopter to "Base Camp" on the Southwest corner of Kaho'olawe.   These pictures are but a brief overview of our 3-day trip.

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The staging area for the helicopter ride to Kaho'olawe
Betsy points out some of the safety rules
One of the many Kaho'olawe taxis
We say goodbye to Maui....
......and hello to Kaho'olawe
A couple of welcome signs after a helicopter ride - the poster kind and the bathroom kind!
Some of the buildings in base camp. We stayed at the one at the far right.
Accommodations were good.
Steve, Sue, Betsy, and Arlene prepare for the 40 minute ride to the job site
Outhouses are flown to the remote sites. Hopefully there is no one inside at the moment.
A utility barn on the NE end of the island.
Our truck was hard to miss!
Arlene and Lyman prepare the Garlon cocktails
Your tax dollars at work!
Pau hana!  Time for a walk on the beach......
....and a glorious sunset.
Some of the smaller stuff that has been dug up
Erosion control attempts.
Derek and Lyman mix more Garlon.  Part Garlon, part fuel oil, part dye.
Our gang!
Pat poses atop one of the larger finds
Seems like there are helicopters everywhere!
Dinner in the Mess Hall.  The food was great, and there was ice cream at 7pm
A water catchment system high up in the hills
Our truck's figurehead gets cool
Derek explains the cultural site (ahu) at the high point on the island
Lunch break under the trees.
A 500 lb. bomb. This will be blown up in place (BIP'd)
A small sample of the stuff that has been dug up all over the island
Sue, Betsy, Pat, and Mel await the ride back to Maui
Derek, Betsy, Bob, and Arlene enjoy the view

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